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Preventative Medicine

Comprehensive Exam

Examinations are the most important part of your pet's visit, as they allow the doctors to get a hands-on feel for your pet's current state of health. Yearly exams are just as important in pets as they are in people because pets age faster than we do and have shorter lifespans. Our doctors will check your pets from head to tail, assessing a variety of categories, including:

And more! This is the time that the doctors can compare your pet's exam to prior exams and see if there are any changes that have occurred and if there are any significant issues to be addressed. For our yearly annual exams, this is the time to discuss overall life categories, including:

From a discussion of your pet's lifestyle and physical exam, our doctors will have an overall picture of your pet and be able to tailor any recommendations necessary for your pet, including diagnostic procedures and at-home options that can greatly increase your pet's daily comfort and quality of life.

Laboratory Services

We offer a wide variety of laboratory services, available both in-house and sent to our outside reference laboratory. In addition to general bloodwork testing, we also recommend routine parasite testing, as many diseases can go unnoticed in daily behavior. The in-house services we offer include:

Our outside services through IDEXX Laboratories include a wide array of individual tests and full panels to monitor everything from basic chemistry panels and complete blood counts, fecal testing and urine testing to full histopathology services, biopsies, allergy testing, cultures, comprehensive panels and specific diagnostic testing.

Depending on your pet's particular needs, our doctors can choose from a multitude of tests available to us that will assess your pet's unique needs.

Preventative Labwork Bundles

At Loyal Family Veterinary Hospital, we offer two different types of bundled labwork to make preventative healthcare comprehensive and cost effective. Our Wellness 1 package includes a free exam, bloodwork (CBC and 10 Chemistry tests), a urinalysis, fecal test and heartworm test. Our more comprehensive Wellness 2 package includes a free exam, bloodwork (CBC, 27 Chemistry tests and a thyroid test), a urinalysis, fecal test, heartworm test and 5 x-ray images of the chest and abdomen that are reviewed by a board-certified radiologist. Ask the veterinarians and staff at Loyal Family Veterinary Hospital for more details at your pet's annual exam.

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and Ticks: Fleas are a common parasite in Washington State. Owners are commonly unaware that their pet may be harboring fleas, however fleas can cause mild to severe skin irritation to animals, transmit infectious diseases, and if consumed, can transmit tapeworms. Fleas can transmit tapeworms to your pet, and often you can see segments in your pet's stool. Your pet can also be allergic to fleas, and even just one flea bite can cause an intense allergic reaction, resulting in a severely painful skin infection. A single female flea lays as many as 30 eggs/day and breeds for up to 100 days, and eggs can lie dormant in carpets and upholstery for 8 months. The best techniques of flea-proofing your home includes regularly vacuuming of all floors, furniture and areas where your pet sits or sleeps, and weekly washing of your pet's bedding, toys, and towels. Flea populations do diminish in the colder months, but fleas can survive in warmer areas, like bed houses, bedding, and even inside homes during the winter months. Only year-round prevention can eliminate the risk of dormant fleas. Ticks can cause serious disease and we are seeing an increased prevalence in Washington State for all tick-borne diseases. Contrary to what you may have read or been told, there are no holistic or natural products available which have been shown to be effective in preventing or killing fleas and ticks. Fortunately, many safe and highly effective products are available. Today, there is no reason for any pet or owner to be bothered by these pests.

Intestinal Parasites

Round, hook, and whipworms: These are the most common intestinal worms in companion animals, and can be found throughout the natural environment, transmitted by wildlife, and roundworms can even occasionally be found in bagged potting soil. Raccoons bring these parasites into our backyards and playgrounds, and can infect not only your pets but children as well. Infections with these parasites can occur throughout the year in any climate in any season. In addition, round and hookworms are a significant cause of zoonotic disease, which means that they can spread from pets to their owners and families. These parasites can result in medical conditions in humans. Children and immunocompromised people are the most at risk for picking up zoonotic infections. Consequently, preventing parasites from infecting your pets will prevent infection of your families.

Heartworm Disease

Heartworms: Heartworms are a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes. It primarily causes disease in dogs, but cats have a susceptibility to it as well. Heartworm disease rarely occurs in humans, but can be fatal to pets if it is not caught and treated early. Although heartworm infections are not commonly seen in Washington State versus other states, the incidents in our state are rising, and travelling outside the state increases the risk of contracting this disease.